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Ugh, my friends. UGH. So two weeks ago I kept getting headaches every day. Weird headaches. As in, all the symptoms of a migraine except for minimal pain. I ended up going home from work early nearly every day. Then last Tuesday (I think. It might have been Wednesday? Hmmm. I'd better make sure, because I have to enter hours on Friday. Bleh) I started feeling horrible and went home early. Still felt horrible the next day. Bad cold. I worked half days the next couple of days, putting out various fires-- once my meds had a chance to work, mostly-- and hoped that the weekend would clear up the worst of the symptoms. And it seemed to. Until Sunday night, when I started feeling horrible again, like I was getting another cold. Which I think I did. Pretty sure I had two colds at the same time-- I was still congested from the first cold, and had the lovely hacking cough that tends to linger, but then started with the post-nasal drip and general crumminess of the early days of a cold. Then I developed a fever. Stayed home from work again yesterday. Still felt like crap today, but I made it through the whole day. Luckily, I have a goodly number of sick hours, but there was still work to be done that wasn't getting done. I can't afford to miss any more work.

I do get Monday off, though, for Veterans Day. There are perks to working for the government, sometimes.

Date: 2012-11-08 02:47 pm (UTC)
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Gah! You just described almost an entire semester that I suffered through in college. The coughing portion lasted three months, and I developed an immunity to Nyquil, having gotten to the point where I would chug it straight from the bottle.


Date: 2012-11-09 06:35 am (UTC)
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Headaches suck :/ feel better soon. And I know what you mean about work - I really miss the days when you were free to be SICK. Once you're an adult, that luxury no longer applies. It's a shame.

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