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Work has been KICKING MY BUTT, PEOPLE. Super duper busy. And then I get home and have tons to do, and the end result of it is that it's now November 15 and I've written approximately 500 words. (Although if I counted all the emails I've sent at work, the last couple of weeks, I'd be at at least 15,000!) Luckily, though, the crunch time is mostly behind me. And next week is Thanksgiving, and I don't have to go in on Friday, so hooray for a 3 day work week! But then the week after that, I'm going to Disneyland with my brother and sister-in-law to visit my sister, who is working there for the Disney College Program this semester. So I basically have two weeks to write 49,500 words. Yeah, that's doable. :P I do have all sorts of posts planned.

Tonight I'm going to brag about my cute nieces and nephew, especially since it's been a while since I did any Proud Auntie Picspam.


First, a family group shot. It had been a very long time since we took a formal family photo (as in about ten years) so when my grandma asked for photos to update a collage frame, we went to a local park, set my brother's DSLR on a timer, and snapped a few pics. The back row (from right to left) is my brother (Ben), me, my sister (Lisa), and my brother-in-law (also Ben. We call him Dutch to minimize confusion). Middle row is my sister-in-law (Amanda), my dad (David), my mom (Linda), and my other sister (Laura; she and Lisa are twins). The kids are (again, from left to right) Molly, Jane, Anna, Thomas, and Abby. Molly, Jane, and Anna are the children of Ben and Amanda; Thomas and Abby belong to Laura and Dutch. Laura is expecting another baby in March (YAY!).


This is Anna. She turned five (!!!) this July and started Kindergarten (!!!!!!!) this year. Precocious doesn't even begin to describe her, although she didn't quite replicate my feat of learning to read at four (her parents tried, and she could kind of read, but not like me. I was reading all sorts of books on my own of my own volition long before I started Kindergarten). She is, however, one of the top two in her class for reading and writing.


She also really likes math and LOVES drawing and art of all kinds.


As the oldest child of two oldest children, she stands almost no chance of being anything but bossy, opinionated, and willful. If you tell her that she's very silly, she insists that she's "just right." She has definite ideas of The Way Things Should Be, loves puzzles and games, is intensely curious, and has repeatedly said that her Grandma is her Very Best Friend. Today she said that I'm her very favorite aunt. :D It's a good thing she finally learned to pronounce my name-- for the last couple of years she's called me Enemly. Her favorite TV show is Busytown Mysteries.


This is Molly. Molly will be four in March (!!!!) and started preschool this year (!!!!!). In many ways, Anna has Molly well trained-- where Anna is "right," Molly insists that she is "just weird," and is often persuaded to give up the activity or toy she really wants in favor of Anna. But not always. She has a mind and personality of her own, and can be as stubborn as her older sister. She calls me Ellemy.


If she could, Molly would live on chocolate milk (in a sippy) and suckers (Dum Dums by preference). She's adjusted fairly well to being the middle child instead of the baby, and as a middle child myself, I plan on keeping a special eye on her as she gets older.


Where Anna likes puzzles, games, and art, Molly prefers stuffed animals, dolls, and imaginative play. She loves doggies and birdies and kitties-- from a distance. :D She has the cutest way of spreading her hands in emphasis when she talks. She loves her blankets and sucking her thumb, her favorite movie is Tangled, and she repeatedly asks her mom to play the "silly dance" from the 1938 Mikado (Koko dancing in the background of "Here's a How-de-do"). :D


This is Jane. Many of you probably don't know that she even exists, which is a crying shame, because she is ADORABLE (as you can see). Jane is about nine months old and has me wrapped around her little chubby finger, although she doesn't call me anything yet.


In general she is a very good, even-tempered baby. Her default expression is one of slight concern (even more so than the above). She can get really upset, though-- usually when she thinks you're not feeding her fast enough.

But she can also be very smiley.


(Jane gets four pictures, because I just can't resist.) Now that she's learned to crawl, you pretty much have to watch her every minute. If you don't she sure to find the tiny speck of chocolate or crackers or paper that didn't get vacuumed up and promptly puts it in her mouth. Little scamp.


This is Thomas. He turned five last week (!!!!!) and started preschool this year (!!!). As the only boy in the family so far, he doesn't always go for the stereotypically "boy" things (the other day one of my cousins pretended to shoot him and he ran to his mom with tears in his eyes because "Matthew killed me!") but he's still definitely a boy. He loves trains (especially Thomas, go figure) and cars (especially Lightning McQueen) and jumping off things. In fact, he's very rarely still.


Laura decided to try to channel his restless energy by enrolling him in gymnastics, which Thomas loves. In fact, I sometimes think his absolute favorite pastime is roughhousing with his dad. His giggle when his dad is tickling him is infectious.


As an oldest child, Thomas has very Definite Ideas about what everyone should be doing, especially his little sister. He doesn't eat meat (unless he doesn't know it's meat, like chicken nuggets, pepperoni, and hot dogs) or much of anything, really, so where he gets all his energy, I have NO IDEA. He loves Curious George. He called me Emwy up until about three months ago.


This is Abigail, who is so darn cute I can hardly stand it. She'll be turning 3 in a month and is one of the sweetest little girls ever. She is the only one of my nieces or nephew who excitedly exclaims "EhWEE!" when she sees me and runs for a hug.


Unlike the other kids, Abby's verbal skills have been slow in developing. At first she survived by pointing and saying "MMM!" in various inflections; she then moved to one-word phrases. Then all of a sudden a couple of weeks ago she started speaking in complete sentences. She's got a cute low gravelly voice.


Abby's a pretty easy-going girl, which is good with Thomas for an older brother. She does have a stubborn streak, though, which comes through at odd times. Most of the time she's content to follow her older cousin's lead in play, but she can get possessive of her toys. She loves her bunny, Ellie, her Rapunzel doll, and her toy kitchen. Her favorite show is Kipper the Dog.

Aren't I the luckiest aunt in the world? :D

(Notice, none of the kids could pronounce my name at first, but they all chose a different mispronunciation, and none of them emulated my brother with his Eh-wah-lee. I wonder what Jane will call me?)
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