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I'm already behind on reviewing my Reading Challenge books, but I plead sickness-- last Saturday night I was on my way to bed when I slipped and fell down the last couple of stairs and twisted my ankle. It's doing much better than I would have expected that first night-- I felt like I was going to faint in the immediate aftermath, and my ankle was swollen and throbbing and really, really, hurting-- but it's made life a lot more difficult than I was hoping for this week. Getting to and from work, and not sleeping well at night, has been exhausting, leaving me without much mental capacity for writing. And then, on Friday night, I realized I was coming down with a cold, which hit me full force today especially. So I've done a good bit of reading, both Challenge books and otherwise. After all, I'm trying only to read what I haven't read before for the Challenge, and it's really hard for me to read new books at night when I'm trying to get to bed because I get interested and stay up all night. So I read the Challenge books during the day, and switch to something I've already read at night. Unless I have a cold and the Challenge book I'm currently reading is kind of depressing, and then I switch to Georgette Heyer and Robin McKinley during the day, too. Anyway.

So the first book I read for the Reading Challenge was a book over 500 pages. I chose:

The Well of Ascension )

For the second book, I realized that I had been approved for an eArc on NetGalley for a book that'd work great for the mystery/thriller category, so I skipped ahead on the list:

Dreaming Spies )

The next category on the Challenge is a classic romance-- which puts me in a bit of a pickle. As I said above, I want to read books I haven't read before for this challenge. I also want to read a nice, happy, story. But most of the lists of "classic romance" I've found while googling for ideas are populated with Jane Austen novels (all of which, of course, I have read multiple times), various Brontes (which I've either read or refuse to read *coughwutheringheightscough*), or are the star-crossed-lovers or depressing types (like Gone With the Wind). I actually started reading The Age of Innocence with the intention of using it for this category, but it's obvious it's going to be one of the depressing kinds-- so I'm using it for the Pulitzer Prize category instead. Which leaves me a dilemma.

Do I change my definition of "classic romance" to include books in the classic romance mode, but more modern? Do I decide to apply it to the Gothic Romance category instead (although they do usually have a love story)? Do I find a Fanny Burney or Sir Walter Scott or Maria Edgeworth that no one reads anymore and call it "classic"? Do I just decide to read Pride and Prejudice for the 287th time and call it good?

Or I could ask my flist for suggestions for a good, happy, classic romance that I might not have read yet. Help?
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So I say this every year, but this time I mean it: I'm going to post more. I'm still reading, but just got out of the habit of posting. But now I've got a good reason to post, which will hopefully keep me at it.

Lots of stuff going on since my last post, which if you're following me on Twitter and/or Facebook, you probably already know. My last unmarried sibling (besides me) got married last August, and in May we welcomed her son, Joseph, to the family. He's now 7 months old and freaking adorable. Then in October, my brother's wife finally had a boy after 3 girls, Jack William. He's now 2 months old, and also freaking adorable. With two such cute babies in the family, life is never boring. I'm still working at the State Office of Education in Special Ed, and will be at least until August, when my pension is vested. Then we'll see. My dad was scheduled to have a kidney transplant last October, with my brother donating, but at the last minute they discovered that my brother has a normal sized-kidney and a very small kidney, and since he'd be left with the small one, they called the surgery off. So since I can't donate because I'm overweight (although I have lost 20 lbs this last year!) and no other viable candidate has been idenified, dad's still on the waiting list for a cadaver donor. Luckily his health has stayed about the same in the year since the transplant-that-wasn't, and he hasn't had to start dialysis. We expect at least another year and a half before he reaches the top of the list (because of his age and blood type). In November I tried to do NaNoWriMo and miserably failed, but I'm still trying to write the novel I started. And that's the more exciting things that have been happening lately.

This year, I decided to take the Popsugar Reading Challenge, as well as the Goodreads challenge (trying to read 100 books this year), and one I thought of all on my own-- read all the books Matilda Wormwood is mentioned as having read in Roald Dahl's Matildathat I haven't already read. So I've got a lot of reading to do. For the Popsugar challenge, I'm determined to read only books I haven't read before (except for the "book from your childhood" one), and to read a different book for each of the 50 categories (which means 52 books, since one of the categories is a trilogy) even when a book may count for more than one category. While I'm of course using Goodreads to document my progress, I thought I'd write reviews for the various books here (crossposted to the book blog I started and never did much with, but for which domain I've been paying for for several years). So you can expect at least 52 entries from me this year. What fun, eh? :)

The first book I'm reading is the "book over 500 pages." I chose to read The Well of Ascensionby Brandon Sanderson, which is the second in the Mistborntrilogy. I read the first book ages ago, but got distracted and never finished the trilogy. Since Sanderson's books are LOOOOONG, I figured this is a good excuse.

Hmm. I might have to do a paid account again. Not enough userpics. :P[

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