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I was looking at my flist the other day and glanced over at the calendar and went-- oops. It says November 2011. It's not like I hadn't planned on posting more often-- I can even remember starting several entries-- but somehow, it just got away from me. I can't pretend that the less time-intensive mediums of Twitter and Facebook haven't been a big part of why I haven't posted, though. So if you follow me on either of those, at least you know I'm not dead.

Anyway, here I am, turning over a new leaf. I'm going to try my modified NaNoWriMo again-- 50,000 words, somewhere, somehow. Including on my LJ. Well, almost my LJ.

You see, while I was perusing my flist those few days ago, I read about the new friends' page which is soon to be thrust upon an unwilling LJ userbase. I took a look at it, and it is a whole world of DO. NOT. WANT. I mean, if I wanted a tumblr, I'd start one, right? So I, like so many of you, am switching to Dreamwidth. I'll still read my flist on LJ as long as people are posting on it, but I'm going to be writing my posts on DW and crossposting to LJ.

So since I have a year to catch up on, I think I'll spread out my updates on work and family and concerts and plays and all that jazz over several posts. For now-- HI, MY FRIENDS! I MISS YOU! :D

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